Our household has again been the beneficiary of the Christmas bounty of stuff. (E.g., I'm using the new keyboard I received, which is more compact much nicer than the vintage unit I was using until a couple of days ago, and the old board will go in the parts bin until someone needs a free, working unit.)

However, it occurs to me it's a good opportunity to speak of alternatives to sending things to 'away'. The landfill or incinerator or whatever else ends up as the final destination for where unwanted stuff goes when we throw it 'away'.

I expect most of this e-mail is old news for list subscribers, but perhaps there is something here you could pass along to others.

Alternatives to 'away'

I started writing on this topic a couple of decades ago (or more), and my web pages still see a fair bit of traffic. I have not maintained them as much as I might in recent years, so any updates would be welcome.




Some other items have come my way in the past few days - and re-purposing smart phones was not on my radar in the 80s and 90s.


I'm thinking of re-purposing one phone as a GPS / dash cam. With the new Google Maps allowing one to store maps (no continuous data connection required), this is more feasible with no data plan required.

This sizable list also arrived in the past couple of days.


And don't discount the 'sharing economy' as a means of reducing our need to own stuff.

More on the Story of Stuff at http://storyofstuff.org/
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