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Thanks Darryl.
Thanks to all who have contributed to the group.
      Tom Kelly

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Subject: [Biofuel] A chapter ends ...

... and another begins.

I want to thank Chip for his efforts in recent years to keep the list 
operating.  I don't really know how much effort that was (it was 
considerable when I last ran a list many years ago), but I'm grateful I 
did not have to look after that, freeing me to concentrate on content.

I don't see this list (sustainablelorgbiofuel) as being much work for 
me.  If I read a piece which I think deserves a wider audience, I simply 
shared it.  I could just add it to Reddit or StumbleUpon or other such 
tools instead, but those do not save the content to make it searchable 
(in the mail archive).  And while Internet searches are more 
comprehensive, they don't have a human filter to determine what is real 
and what is manufactured.  In a world where perception and sound-bytes 
rule the mainstream messaging, I think that has value.  In a world of 
Internet narrow-casting where feeds provide only reinforcement for 
pre-selected viewpoints, I hope that occasionally some of the posts I 
share cause others to pause and think for a moment.  This was Keith's 
gift to me (and many others).  I came to learn about biodiesel, and I 
learned about so much more.

I have set up a new mail list via  I have called this 
Keith's List because in my mind that is the most accurate and succinct 
description of it, though not everyone has known or corresponded with 
Keith Addison.  It's a bit last minute, so the transition may be a bit 
rough.  Same purpose, same mandate, same rules.  If you think there 
should be discussion of a topic you are not seeing, just jump in and 
post.  Perhaps you can ask a question (though I hope the archives will 
continue to be your first-stop resource to reduce duplication), or find 
some like-minded souls to help with your personal projects and desires 
to 'save the world'.  It's a big place; no doubt you can find something 
in it to improve.

Sorry, the following instructions are a direct lift from the list 
instructions, but I'm rather working to deadline as this list expires today.


- Subscribers can join your list by sending email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field 
OR by visiting your list page at

- To post on your mailing list, simply send email to (only after you are a list member)

- Online, searchable archives of your list are available at  Each list's archive is
automatically updated as new messages come in.

- There's a FAQ at


Please note:  I will not subscribe anyone to this list (or unsubscribe 
them either).

The first post is up, and can be seen in the on-line archive at:,13

(I believe the on-line archive is web-accessible without need for a 
log-in, but unfortunately appears to be supported by ads.  As far as I 
can tell, no ads in the e-mail version or via the member's web 
interface, which requires a log-in.  I still have some learning to do.)

See you on the other list if you choose to show up there.  If not, 
strength to your arm, and all best in your future endeavours.

Wishing you all a successful (however you choose to define that) 2017,

Your correspondent,

Darryl McMahon


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

  ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax
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