Thank you Doug & Darryl for all of the energy and dedication to keep things 

After all the years of reading and lurking, this year i will start practicing 
wvo to biofuel. I have Kieth's book and the archives to go by so i feel 
confident. However, i will miss the world-wide connection to like-minded folks. 

I wish everyone the best. 


> On Apr 17, 2017, at 6:58 PM, Doug Younker <> wrote:
> I guess I'm sorta left, in more ways than one,depending who is talking about 
> me. I admit I don't devote a lot of time to the email list Hover I'll will 
> follow the group/list to wherever it migrates too, if it migrates at all.  
> All good things come to on end that is particularity true of thing that are 
> of low or now cost to the ultimate consumer, I can't complain. I don't know 
> to what degree they would be valuable will the archives be saved somehow?. In 
> the event they could be compiled into file that's usable I would me more than 
> happy to put such fa file in my peer to peer folder where the file would be 
> support by BitTorrent distribution.
> Regards
> Doug
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