Author: ngie
Date: Sun Sep 18 02:45:35 2016
New Revision: 305910

  MFC r305033,r305041,r305170:
  Minor Makefile simplifications for lib/atf/...
  - Replace uses of `${.CURDIR:H:H:H}` with ${SRCTOP}
  - Use built-in :H operator instead of ".." when enumerating paths.
  Filter certain compile-time options into -DATF_BUILD_*
  Items filtered through are:
  - Constant defines (-D)
  - Include flags (-I)
  - Linker flags (-L)
  - Optimization level (-O)
  - Warnings / linker flags (-W)
  - Preprocessor options (-f)
  This fixes the scenario hit by the Jenkins job where it's infecting
  the build with --sysroot, etc options from the Jenkins build in the
  Prefix all intermediate variables (_CFLAGS, etc) with "ATF_BUILD" [*].
  Requested by: jmmv
  Don't bake all of CC/CPP/CXX into CFLAGS
  Capture executable names for CC, CPP, CXX (assumed to be the
  first non-CCACHE_BIN word).
  This change strips out all of the cross-compiler arguments, (-target,
  -B, etc), added to ${CC}, etc via ${CROSSENV} in Makefile.inc1, so it
  doesn't infect the build and subsequently the test.
  Add comments noting why this logic is being added, and why the logic in
  r305041 was necessary/what it was trying to achieve.
  This is required after recent changes made to the toolchain to always
  specify --sysroot, -target, -B, etc with clang in buildworld (presumably

Directory Properties:
  stable/11/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/11/lib/atf/libatf-c++/Makefile
--- stable/11/lib/atf/libatf-c++/Makefile       Sun Sep 18 02:41:50 2016        
+++ stable/11/lib/atf/libatf-c++/Makefile       Sun Sep 18 02:45:35 2016        
@@ -35,15 +35,15 @@ SHLIB_MAJOR=        2
 # libatf-c++ depends on the C version of the ATF library to build.
 LIBADD+=       atf_c
-LDFLAGS+=      -L${.OBJDIR}/../libatf-c
+LDFLAGS+=      -L${.OBJDIR:H}/libatf-c
-ATF=           ${.CURDIR:H:H:H}/contrib/atf
+ATF=           ${SRCTOP}/contrib/atf
 .PATH:         ${ATF}
 .PATH:         ${ATF}/atf-c++
 .PATH:         ${ATF}/atf-c++/detail
 CFLAGS+=       -I${ATF}
-CFLAGS+=       -I${.CURDIR}/../libatf-c
+CFLAGS+=       -I${.CURDIR:H}/libatf-c
 CFLAGS+=       -I.

Modified: stable/11/lib/atf/libatf-c/Makefile
--- stable/11/lib/atf/libatf-c/Makefile Sun Sep 18 02:41:50 2016        
+++ stable/11/lib/atf/libatf-c/Makefile Sun Sep 18 02:45:35 2016        
@@ -28,25 +28,37 @@
 .include <>
 .include <>
-_CFLAGS:=      ${CFLAGS}
+# Store the toolchain executable in ATF_BUILD_{CC,CPP,CXX} to ensure other
+# values -- like -target, -B ..., etc -- don't get leaked into the tests.
+# Be sure to omit ${CCACHE_BIN} (if specified) from the variable as it gets
+# automatically appended to the variables in when
+# ${MK_CCACHE_BUILD} != no.
+ATF_BUILD_CC:=         ${CC:N${CCACHE_BIN}:[1]}
+ATF_BUILD_CPP:=                ${CPP:N${CCACHE_BIN}:[1]}
+ATF_BUILD_CXX:=                ${CXX:N${CCACHE_BIN}:[1]}
+# Only capture defines, includes, linker flags, optimization levels, warnings
+# and preprocessor flags when building ATF_BUILD_{C,CPP,CXX}FLAGS.
 LIB=           atf-c
 PRIVATELIB=    true
-ATF=           ${.CURDIR:H:H:H}/contrib/atf
+ATF=           ${SRCTOP}/contrib/atf
 .PATH:         ${ATF}
 .PATH:         ${ATF}/atf-c
 .PATH:         ${ATF}/atf-c/detail
-CFLAGS+=       -DATF_BUILD_CC='"${CC}"'
-CFLAGS+=       -DATF_BUILD_CPP='"${CPP}"'
-CFLAGS+=       -DATF_BUILD_CXX='"${CXX}"'
 CFLAGS+=       -I${ATF}
 CFLAGS+=       -I${.CURDIR}
 CFLAGS+=       -I.
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