Author: avos
Date: Mon Sep 19 18:36:26 2016
New Revision: 305991

  dev/usb: add USB IDs for Realtek 802.11ac wireless adapters.
  They are will be used by the updated rtwn(4) / urtwn(4) driver.
  Suggested by: adrian


Modified: head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
--- head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs    Mon Sep 19 18:35:22 2016        (r305990)
+++ head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs    Mon Sep 19 18:36:26 2016        (r305991)
@@ -1206,6 +1206,7 @@ product ASUS RTL8192CU            0x17ab  RTL8192CU
 product ASUS USBN66            0x17ad  USB-N66
 product ASUS USBN10NANO                0x17ba  USB-N10 Nano
 product ASUS USBAC51           0x17d1  USB-AC51
+product ASUS USBAC56           0x17d2  USB-AC56
 product ASUS A730W             0x4202  ASUS MyPal A730W
 product ASUS P535              0x420f  ASUS P535 PDA
 product ASUS GMSC              0x422f  ASUS Generic Mass Storage
@@ -1426,6 +1427,7 @@ product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54GC     0x0020  WUS
 product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54GR  0x0023  WUSB54GR
 product CISCOLINKSYS WUSBF54G  0x0024  WUSBF54G
 product CISCOLINKSYS AE1000    0x002f  AE1000
+product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB6300  0x003f  WUSB6300
 product CISCOLINKSYS USB3GIGV1 0x0041  USB3GIGV1 USB Ethernet Adapter
 product CISCOLINKSYS2 RT3070   0x4001  RT3070
 product CISCOLINKSYS3 RT3070   0x0101  RT3070
@@ -1620,6 +1622,10 @@ product DLINK DSB650TX4          0x200c  10/100 E
 product DLINK DWL120E          0x3200  DWL-120 rev E
 product DLINK DWA125D1         0x330f  DWA-125 rev D1
 product DLINK DWA123D1         0x3310  DWA-123 rev D1
+product DLINK DWA171A1         0x3314  DWA-171 rev A1
+product DLINK DWA182C1         0x3315  DWA-182 rev C1
+product DLINK DWA180A1         0x3316  DWA-180 rev A1
+product DLINK DWA172A1         0x3318  DWA-172 rev A1
 product DLINK DWL122           0x3700  DWL-122
 product DLINK DWLG120          0x3701  DWL-G120
 product DLINK DWL120F          0x3702  DWL-120 rev F
@@ -1738,6 +1744,9 @@ product EDIMAX EW7718             0x7718  EW-7718
 product EDIMAX EW7733UND       0x7733  EW-7733UnD
 product EDIMAX EW7811UN                0x7811  EW-7811Un
 product        EDIMAX RTL8192CU        0x7822  RTL8192CU
+product EDIMAX EW7811UTC_1     0xa811  EW-7811UTC
+product EDIMAX EW7811UTC_2     0xa812  EW-7811UTC
+product EDIMAX EW7822UAC       0xa822  EW-7822UAC
 /* eGalax Products */
 product EGALAX TPANEL          0x0001  Touch Panel
@@ -2261,6 +2270,7 @@ product HAWKING RTL8192CU 0x0019  RTL819
 product HAWKING UF100          0x400c  10/100 USB Ethernet
 product HAWKING RTL8192SU_1    0x0015  RTL8192SU
 product HAWKING RTL8192SU_2    0x0016  RTL8192SU
+product HAWKING HD65U          0x0023  HD65U
 /* HID Global GmbH products */
 product HIDGLOBAL CM2020       0x0596  Omnikey Cardman 2020
@@ -2501,6 +2511,7 @@ product IODATA RT3072_1           0x0944  RT3072
 product IODATA RT3072_2                0x0945  RT3072
 product IODATA RT3072_3                0x0947  RT3072
 product IODATA RT3072_4                0x0948  RT3072
+product IODATA WNAC867U                0x0952  WN-AC867U
 product IODATA USBRSAQ         0x0a03  Serial USB-RSAQ1
 product IODATA USBRSAQ5                0x0a0e  Serial USB-RSAQ5
 product IODATA2 USB2SC         0x0a09  USB2.0-SCSI Bridge USB2-SC
@@ -3060,6 +3071,8 @@ product MELCO WLIUCG301N  0x016f  WLI-UC-G
 product MELCO WLIUCGNM         0x01a2  WLI-UC-GNM
 product MELCO WLIUCG300HPV1    0x01a8  WLI-UC-G300HP-V1
 product MELCO WLIUCGNM2                0x01ee  WLI-UC-GNM2
+product MELCO WIU2433DM                0x0242  WI-U2-433DM
+product MELCO WIU3866D         0x025d  WI-U3-866D
 /* Merlin products */
 product MERLIN V620             0x1110  Merlin V620
@@ -3239,6 +3252,7 @@ product NATIONAL BEARPAW2400      0x1001  Bear
 product NEC HUB_0050           0x0050  USB 2.0 7-Port Hub
 product NEC HUB_005A           0x005a  USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
 product NEC WL300NUG           0x0249  WL300NU-G
+product NEC WL900U             0x0408  Aterm WL900U
 product NEC HUB                        0x55aa  hub
 product NEC HUB_B              0x55ab  hub
@@ -3278,6 +3292,7 @@ product NETGEAR WNDA3200  0x9018  WNDA3200
 product NETGEAR RTL8192CU      0x9021  RTL8192CU
 product NETGEAR WNA1000                0x9040  WNA1000
 product NETGEAR WNA1000M       0x9041  WNA1000M
+product NETGEAR A6100          0x9052  A6100
 product NETGEAR2 MA101         0x4100  MA101
 product NETGEAR2 MA101B                0x4102  MA101 Rev B
 product NETGEAR3 WG111T                0x4250  WG111T
@@ -3550,6 +3565,7 @@ product PLANEX2 GWUS54HP  0xab01  GW-US54H
 product PLANEX2 GWUS300MINIS   0xab24  GW-US300MiniS
 product PLANEX2        RT3070          0xab25  RT3070
 product PLANEX2 MZKUE150N      0xab2f  MZK-UE150N
+product PLANEX2 GW900D         0xab30  GW-900D
 product PLANEX2 GWUS54MINI2    0xab50  GW-US54Mini2
 product PLANEX2 GWUS54SG       0xc002  GW-US54SG
 product PLANEX2 GWUS54GZL      0xc007  GW-US54GZL
@@ -3963,6 +3979,7 @@ product SEALEVEL 2803_7           0x2873  FTDI com
 product SEALEVEL 2803_8                0x2883  FTDI compatible adapter
 /* Senao products */
+product SENAO EUB1200AC                0x0100  EnGenius EUB1200AC
 product SENAO RT2870_3         0x0605  RT2870
 product SENAO RT2870_4         0x0615  RT2870
 product SENAO NUB8301          0x2000  NUB-8301
@@ -4211,6 +4228,7 @@ product SITECOMEU RTL8188CU_1     0x0052  RTL
 product SITECOMEU RTL8188CU_2  0x005c  RTL8188CU
 product SITECOMEU RTL8192CU    0x0061  RTL8192CU
 product SITECOMEU LN032                0x0072  LN-032
+product SITECOMEU WLA7100      0x0074  WLA-7100
 product SITECOMEU LN031        0x0056  LN-031
 product SITECOMEU LN028                0x061c  LN-028
 product SITECOMEU WL113                0x9071  WL-113
@@ -4463,6 +4481,7 @@ product TREK THUMBDRIVE_8MB       0x9988  Thumb
 product TRENDNET RTL8192CU     0x624d  RTL8192CU
 product TRENDNET TEW646UBH     0x646b  TEW-646UBH
 product TRENDNET RTL8188CU     0x648b  RTL8188CU
+product TRENDNET TEW805UB      0x805b  TEW-805UB
 /* Tripp-Lite products */
 product TRIPPLITE U209         0x2008  Serial
@@ -4706,3 +4725,4 @@ product ZYXEL RT2870_2            0x341a  RT2870
 product ZYXEL RT3070           0x341e  NWD2105
 product ZYXEL RTL8192CU                0x341f  RTL8192CU
 product ZYXEL NWD2705          0x3421  NWD2705
+product ZYXEL NWD6605          0x3426  NWD6605
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