Author: jhibbits
Date: Wed Sep 21 02:56:57 2016
New Revision: 306066

  Move ofw_cpu file to the main files conf file.
  There is nothing CPU specific here, and it's usable by both fdt and Open
  Firmware based systems.  Rather than keeping the same file in every one, just
  add it to the ofw/fdt block in the main file.


Modified: head/sys/conf/files
--- head/sys/conf/files Wed Sep 21 02:28:39 2016        (r306065)
+++ head/sys/conf/files Wed Sep 21 02:56:57 2016        (r306066)
@@ -2226,6 +2226,7 @@ dev/oce/oce_sysctl.c              optional oce pci
 dev/oce/oce_util.c             optional oce pci
 dev/ofw/ofw_bus_if.m           optional fdt
 dev/ofw/ofw_bus_subr.c         optional fdt
+dev/ofw/ofw_cpu.c              optional fdt
 dev/ofw/ofw_fdt.c              optional fdt
 dev/ofw/ofw_if.m               optional fdt
 dev/ofw/ofw_subr.c             optional fdt

Modified: head/sys/conf/files.arm
--- head/sys/conf/files.arm     Wed Sep 21 02:28:39 2016        (r306065)
+++ head/sys/conf/files.arm     Wed Sep 21 02:56:57 2016        (r306066)
@@ -118,7 +118,6 @@ dev/fdt/fdt_arm_platform.c  optional        plat
 dev/hwpmc/hwpmc_arm.c          optional        hwpmc
 dev/hwpmc/hwpmc_armv7.c                optional        hwpmc armv6
 dev/iicbus/twsi/twsi.c         optional        twsi
-dev/ofw/ofw_cpu.c              optional        fdt
 dev/ofw/ofwpci.c               optional        fdt pci
 dev/pci/pci_host_generic.c     optional        pci_host_generic pci fdt
 dev/psci/psci.c                        optional        psci
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