Author: kevlo
Date: Thu Sep 22 09:33:22 2016
New Revision: 306173

  Add TP-Link Archer T4U.
  It will be used by the updated rtwn(4) / urtwn(4) driver.


Modified: head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
--- head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs    Thu Sep 22 09:14:04 2016        (r306172)
+++ head/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs    Thu Sep 22 09:33:22 2016        (r306173)
@@ -739,6 +739,7 @@ vendor VIALABS              0x2109  VIA Labs
 vendor ERICSSON                0x2282  Ericsson
 vendor MOTOROLA2       0x22b8  Motorola
 vendor WETELECOM       0x22de  WeTelecom
+vendor TPLINK          0x2357  TP-Link
 vendor WESTMOUNTAIN    0x2405  West Mountain Radio
 vendor TRIPPLITE       0x2478  Tripp-Lite
 vendor HIROSE          0x2631  Hirose Electric
@@ -4472,6 +4473,9 @@ product TOSHIBA G450              0x0d45  G450 modem
 product TOSHIBA HSDPA          0x1302  G450 modem
 product TOSHIBA TRANSMEMORY    0x6545  USB ThumbDrive
+/* TP-Link products */
+product TPLINK T4U             0x0101  Archer T4U
 /* Trek Technology products */
 product TREK THUMBDRIVE                0x1111  ThumbDrive
 product TREK MEMKEY            0x8888  IBM USB Memory Key
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