Author: emaste
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:18:00 2016
New Revision: 307231

  libgcc_s: add libm dependencies from div{d,s,x}c3
  compiler-rt's complex division support routines contain calls to
  compiler builtins such as `__builtin_scalbnl`.  Unfortunately Clang
  turns these back into a call to `scalbnl`.
  For now link libm's C version of the required support routines.
  Reviewed by:  ed
  Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
  Differential Revision:


Modified: head/lib/libgcc_s/Makefile
--- head/lib/libgcc_s/Makefile  Thu Oct 13 18:57:18 2016        (r307230)
+++ head/lib/libgcc_s/Makefile  Thu Oct 13 19:18:00 2016        (r307231)
@@ -11,4 +11,22 @@ VERSION_MAP= ${.CURDIR}/
 .include "../libcompiler_rt/"
 .include "../libgcc_eh/"
+LIBCSRCDIR=    ${SRCTOP}/lib/libc
+LIBMSRCDIR=    ${SRCTOP}/lib/msun/src
+.PATH:         ${LIBMSRCDIR}
+SRCS+=         s_fabs.c
+SRCS+=         s_fabsf.c
+SRCS+=         s_fabsl.c
+SRCS+=         s_fmax.c
+SRCS+=         s_fmaxf.c
+SRCS+=         s_fmaxl.c
+SRCS+=         s_logb.c
+SRCS+=         s_logbf.c
+SRCS+=         s_logbl.c
+SRCS+=         s_scalbn.c
+SRCS+=         s_scalbnf.c
+SRCS+=         s_scalbnl.c
 .include <>
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