Author: sevan (doc committer)
Date: Sun Oct 16 23:44:02 2016
New Revision: 307438

  MFC r306732:
  Document the history of fdisk based on the original post to comp.unix.bsd by 
Julian Elischer [1] and the Mach 2.
  5 Installation notes [2].
  I was unable to pin point the exact version of Mach the fdisk utility 
appeared as I could not find documentation
   older than version 2.5 & no source code or repo history.
  fdisk utility appears as a separate utility[3] in v2.5. Due to this, I have 
avoided stating the exact version fd
  isk first appeared in Mach.
  Add authors section.
  PR:             212470
  Approved by:    bcr (mentor)
  Differential Revision:

Directory Properties:
  stable/10/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/10/sbin/fdisk_pc98/fdisk.8
--- stable/10/sbin/fdisk_pc98/fdisk.8   Sun Oct 16 23:42:19 2016        
+++ stable/10/sbin/fdisk_pc98/fdisk.8   Sun Oct 16 23:44:02 2016        
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd April 30, 2007
+.Dd October 5, 2016
 .Dt FDISK 8
@@ -448,6 +448,21 @@ Example: to make slice 1 the active slic
 .Xr bsdlabel 8 ,
 .Xr gpart 8 ,
 .Xr newfs 8
+A version of
+first appeared in the Mach Operating System.
+It was subsequently ported to
+.Bx 386 .
+.An -nosplit
+for Mach Operating System was written by
+.An Robert Baron Aq Mt .
+It was ported to
+.Bx 386
+.An Julian Elischer Aq Mt .
 The default boot code will not necessarily handle all slice types
 correctly, in particular those introduced since
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