On 8/16/16 3:21 PM, Randall Stewart via svn-src-all wrote:
> In theory it *could* be MFC’d to stable-10 and 11 but I am not sure we want 
> to do that. I am
> told by Drew that it does improve performance since in stable-10 you are 
> getting the INFO_WLOCK()
> but I am not sure if folks want it MFC’d…
> <snip>
> R

 A bit late in the game but for information:  Since r309108,in
stable-10 you are getting the INFO_RLOCK instead of the INFO_WLOCK like
in stable-11 and HEAD:


 In summary the same TCP INP_INFO lock logic is used in stable-10, 11
and HEAD which simplify MFC if needed.

 My 2 cents.


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