Author: mckusick
Date: Wed Aug  9 05:21:57 2017
New Revision: 322298

  Add an entry to UPDATING for r322297 which restores the ability
  of fsck to automatically find alternate superblocks when the
  standard one is trashed or unavailable.
  MFC after: 2 weeks
  Differential Revision:


Modified: head/UPDATING
--- head/UPDATING       Wed Aug  9 05:17:21 2017        (r322297)
+++ head/UPDATING       Wed Aug  9 05:21:57 2017        (r322298)
@@ -51,6 +51,19 @@ NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT FreeBSD 12.x IS SLOW:
 ****************************** SPECIAL WARNING: ******************************
+       Since the switch to GPT disk labels, fsck for UFS/FFS has been
+       unable to automatically find alternate superblocks. As of r322297,
+       the information needed to find alternate superblocks has been
+       moved to the end of the area reserved for the boot block.
+       Filesystems created with a newfs of this vintage or later
+       will create the recovery information. If you have a filesystem
+       created prior to this change and wish to have a recovery block
+       created for your filesystem, you can do so by running fsck in
+       forground mode (i.e., do not use the -p or -y options). As it
+       starts, fsck will ask ``SAVE DATA TO FIND ALTERNATE SUPERBLOCKS''
+       to which you should answer yes.
        As of r321665, an NFSv4 server configuration that services
        Kerberos mounts or clients that do not support the uid/gid in
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