Author: ken
Date: Fri Aug 11 18:43:52 2017
New Revision: 322410

  Add historical notes on QIC tape drives and fix a couple of issues in mt(1).
   o Density code 0x5 is also known as QIC-11, and should have a footnote
   o Add notes on QIC tape drives from the bug report.  These may help anyone
     trying to use a QIC drive.
   o Take out a "more more" instance found by igor.
   o Bump the man page date.
  The PR is 14 years old, so it's past time to retire it.
  PR:           doc/53596
  Submitted by:
  Reviewed by:  bcr
  Sponsored by: Spectra Logic


Modified: head/usr.bin/mt/mt.1
--- head/usr.bin/mt/mt.1        Fri Aug 11 18:09:26 2017        (r322409)
+++ head/usr.bin/mt/mt.1        Fri Aug 11 18:43:52 2017        (r322410)
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
 .\"    @(#)mt.1        8.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/93
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd August 3, 2017
+.Dd August 11, 2017
 .Dt MT 1
@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ The default protection method used is Reed-Solomon CRC
 1), as specified in ECMA-319.
 The default protection information length used with Reed-Solomon CRC is
 4 bytes.
-To enable all settings except one more more settings, specify the
+To enable all settings except one more setting, specify the
 .Fl e
 argument and then explicitly disable settings that you do not wish to
@@ -463,7 +463,7 @@ Value  Width        Tracks    Density         Code Typ
 0x01   12.7  (0.5)    9         32     (800)  NRZI  R   X3.22-1983   2
 0x02   12.7  (0.5)    9         63   (1,600)  PE    R   X3.39-1986   2
 0x03   12.7  (0.5)    9        246   (6,250)  GCR   R   X3.54-1986   2
-0x05    6.3  (0.25)  4/9       315   (8,000)  GCR   C   X3.136-1986  1
+0x05    6.3  (0.25)  4/9       315   (8,000)  GCR   C   X3.136-1986  1,3
 0x06   12.7  (0.5)    9        126   (3,200)  PE    R   X3.157-1987  2
 0x07    6.3  (0.25)   4        252   (6,400)  IMFM  C   X3.116-1986  1
 0x08    3.81 (0.15)   4        315   (8,000)  GCR   CS  X3.158-1987  1
@@ -566,6 +566,60 @@ NOTES
     density code is 0x8c.
 13. This density code (0x48) was also used for DAT-160.
+.Bd -literal -offset 2n
+The following is a table of Data Cartridge types as used in the 1/4 inch
+tape drives such as the Archive Viper 150, Wangtek 5525ES, and Tandberg
+TDC4220 tape drives:
+Value Reference     Format    Cartridge Type  Capacity   Tracks  Length
+----- ---------     ------    --------------  --------   ------  ------
+0x05                QIC-11    DC300           15MB       4        300ft
+0x05                QIC-11    DC300XL/P       20MB       4        450ft
+0x05                QIC-11    DC600           27MB       4        600ft
+0x05  X3.136-1986   QIC-24    DC615A          15MB       9        150ft
+0x05  X3.136-1986   QIC-24    DC300XL/P       45MB       9        450ft
+0x05  X3.136-1986   QIC-24    DC600A          60MB       9        600ft
+0x0F  QIC-120       QIC-120   DC600A/DC6150   120MB      15       620ft
+0x10  QIC-150       QIC-150   DC600XTD/DC6150 150MB      18       620ft
+0x10  QIC-150       QIC-150   DC6250          250MB      18     1,020ft
+0x11  QIC-320       QIC-525   DC6320          320MB      26       620ft
+0x11  QIC-320       QIC-525   DC6525          525MB      26     1,020ft
+0x1E  QIC-1000C     QIC-1000  DC9100/DL9135   1.0GB      30       760ft
+0x1E  QIC-1000C     QIC-1000  DC9150          1.2GB      30       950ft
+0x22  QIC-2GB(C)    QIC-2GB   DC9200          2.0GB      42       950ft
+0x22  QIC-2GB(C)    QIC-2GB   DC9250          2.5GB      42     1,200ft
+QIC-24, QIC-120, QIC-150 use fixed blocksize of 512 bytes, QIC-525, QIC-1000
+and QIC-2GB can use blocksize of 1,024 bytes.
+DDS (DAT) drives generally use variable blocks.
+QIC-02 and QIC-36 are interface standards for tape drives.
+The QIC-02 and QIC-36 streamers such as the Wangtek 5250EQ are otherwise
+identical to their SCSI versions (i.e.: Wangtek 5250ES).
+It seems that the 150MB and larger streamers cannot write QIC-24 9 track
+formats, only read them.
+DC600A cartridges marked "10,000ftpi" can only be used as QIC-11, QIC-24,
+and QIC-120 format.
+DC600A cartridges marked 12,500ftpi can be used as both QIC-120 and QIC-150
+Some manufacturers do not use "DC" on their cartridges.
+Verbatim uses DL, Maxell uses MC, Sony uses QD, Quill uses DQ.
+3M/Imation & Fuji use DC.
+Thus a DL6250, MC-6250, QD6250, DQ6250 are all identical media to a DC6250.
+QIC tape media is not "connected" to the take up reels and will de-spool
+if the tape drive has dust covering the light sensor that looks for the end
+of tape holes in the media.
 .Bl -tag -width ".Ev TAPE"
 .It Ev TAPE
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