Author: kevans
Date: Fri Mar  2 17:07:08 2018
New Revision: 330287

  lualoader: Reset the cursor position after the menu is drawn
  Rather than before the menu is drawn. The drawer is going to reset the
  crusor position as soon as it draws anything anyways, so doing it before
  serves no purpose. Setting it after is needed so we don't clobber the menu
  when we start booting.


Modified: head/stand/lua/menu.lua
--- head/stand/lua/menu.lua     Fri Mar  2 16:51:43 2018        (r330286)
+++ head/stand/lua/menu.lua     Fri Mar  2 17:07:08 2018        (r330287)
@@ -346,9 +346,9 @@ menu.current_alias_table = {}
 function menu.draw(menudef)
        -- Clear the screen, reset the cursor, then draw
-       screen.defcursor()
        menu.current_alias_table = drawer.drawscreen(menudef)
        drawn_menu = menudef
+       screen.defcursor()
 -- 'keypress' allows the caller to indicate that a key has been pressed that we
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