Author: wblock (doc committer)
Date: Fri Mar  2 19:07:32 2018
New Revision: 330291

  Clarify and clean up some language, and add an explicit example.
  Sponsored by: iXsystems
  Differential Revision:


Modified: head/sbin/geom/class/part/gpart.8
--- head/sbin/geom/class/part/gpart.8   Fri Mar  2 18:57:00 2018        
+++ head/sbin/geom/class/part/gpart.8   Fri Mar  2 19:07:32 2018        
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd February 10, 2018
+.Dd March 2, 2018
 .Dt GPART 8
@@ -1327,16 +1327,16 @@ After creating all required partitions, embed bootstra
 .Bd -literal -offset indent
 /sbin/gpart bootcode -p /boot/boot1 da0
-.Ss Deleting partitions and partitioning scheme
-If you get a
+.Ss Deleting Partitions and Destroying the Partitioning Scheme
+If a
 .Em "Device busy"
-error when trying to destroy a partition table, remember that you must
-delete all its partitions first with the
+error is shown when trying to destroy a partition table, remember that
+all of the partitions must be deleted first with the
 .Cm delete
-In this example, assume we have
+In this example,
 .Pa da0
-with three partitions:
+has three partitions:
 .Bd -literal -offset indent
 /sbin/gpart delete -i 3 da0
 /sbin/gpart delete -i 2 da0
@@ -1344,11 +1344,15 @@ with three partitions:
 /sbin/gpart destroy da0
-Alternatively, you can invoke the
-.Cm destroy
-action with the
+Rather than deleting each partition and then destroying the partitioning
+scheme, the
 .Fl F
+option can be given with
+.Cm destroy
+to delete all of the partitions before destroying the partitioning scheme.
+This is equivalent to the previous example:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+/sbin/gpart destroy -F da0
 .Ss Backup and Restore
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