Author: ian
Date: Sun Mar 11 19:56:07 2018
New Revision: 330782

  Remove MTX_NOPROFILE from atrtc_lock, it was inappropriately copy/pasted
  from the i8254 driver when I created separate mutexes for each.  The i8254
  driver could be the active timecounter, leading to recursion during mutex
  profiling, but the atrtc driver cannot be a timecounter, so it isn't needed.


Modified: head/sys/x86/isa/atrtc.c
--- head/sys/x86/isa/atrtc.c    Sun Mar 11 19:26:34 2018        (r330781)
+++ head/sys/x86/isa/atrtc.c    Sun Mar 11 19:56:07 2018        (r330782)
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ __FBSDID("$FreeBSD$");
  * on x86 platforms.
 struct mtx atrtc_lock;
-MTX_SYSINIT(atrtc_lock_init, &atrtc_lock, "atrtc", MTX_SPIN | MTX_NOPROFILE);
+MTX_SYSINIT(atrtc_lock_init, &atrtc_lock, "atrtc", MTX_SPIN);
 int    atrtcclock_disable = 0;
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