Author: eadler
Date: Tue Mar 13 09:18:04 2018
New Revision: 330831

  MFC r320805:
  Add files to help manage the (vga) syscons mouse cursor.
  To mostly fix distortion of mouse cursors by non-square pixels, I
  needed 8 variants of the same cursor shape for large fonts and
  another 7 variants for small fonts.  Some variants are shared,
  leaving only 13 variants in 26 glyphs altogether.  Keep these in
  the BDF source file cursor.bdf.  cursor.bdf has another 5 unused
  experimental cursors in 10 glyphs.  cursor.awk is a simple awk
  script for converting this and similar bdf files into C declarations
  for copying into scvgarndr.c.  syscons doesn't use any of this yet.

     - copied from r320805, head/sys/dev/syscons/fonts/
Directory Properties:
  stable/11/   (props changed)
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