Author: kevans
Date: Tue Apr 10 13:56:30 2018
New Revision: 332366

  MFC r316487, r316516, r316546, r316567: One big nop
  Allow command modifiers (fast, quiet etc.) to be stacked in any order.
  Add a "debug" modifier that sets rc_debug.
  r316487 altered the defined values of rc_force from "yes" (for yes)
  and NULL (for no) to "no" (for no) and no change to the definition
  of yes. Two rc.d scripts, dhclient and bgfsck check rc_force for
  yesi, using test -n, and no, using test -z. The redefinition of
  yes and no by r316487 caused rc.d/dhclient, when invoked by devd
  using a devd.conf rule, to assign DHCP assigned IP addresses for
  interfaces with statically assigned interfaces, breaking boot.
  Point of breakage was at line 25 of etc/rc.d/dhclient (r301068)
  where $rc_force needs to be NULL.
  X-MFC with:   r316487
  Revert r316516. des@ asked that r316516 be reverted so that he can spend
  a little more time getting r316487 right.
  Requested by: des@
  Revert r316487. It is broken, causing boot to fail due to line 25 in
  etc/rc.d/dhclient unconditionally testing true when called by a devd
  rule during boot, ignoring statically assigned IP addresses in rc.conf.
  Requested by: des@

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  stable/11/   (props changed)
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