Author: emaste
Date: Sat Apr 14 12:52:34 2018
New Revision: 332502

  MFC r331077 (brooks): Add _IOC_NEWLEN() and _IOC_NEWTYPE() macros.
  These macros take an existing ioctl(2) command and replace the length
  with the specified length or length of the specified type respectively.
  These can be used to define commands for 32-bit compatibility with fewer
  opportunities for cut-and-paste errors then a whole new definition.
  Obtained from:        CheriBSD
  Sponsored by: DARPA, AFRL

Directory Properties:
  stable/11/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/11/sys/sys/ioccom.h
--- stable/11/sys/sys/ioccom.h  Sat Apr 14 12:07:05 2018        (r332501)
+++ stable/11/sys/sys/ioccom.h  Sat Apr 14 12:52:34 2018        (r332502)
@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@
 #define        _IOW(g,n,t)     _IOC(IOC_IN,    (g), (n), sizeof(t))
 /* this should be _IORW, but stdio got there first */
 #define        _IOWR(g,n,t)    _IOC(IOC_INOUT, (g), (n), sizeof(t))
+/* Replace length/type in an ioctl command. */
+#define        _IOC_NEWLEN(ioc, len) \
+    (((~(IOCPARM_MASK << 16)) & (ioc)) | (((len) & IOCPARM_MASK) << 16))
+#define        _IOC_NEWTYPE(ioc, type) _IOC_NEWLEN((ioc), sizeof(type))
 #ifdef _KERNEL
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