Author: mmacy
Date: Fri May 18 04:13:58 2018
New Revision: 333781

  epoch(9): fix error in example and update API reference
  Submitted by: hps
  Approved by:  sbruno


Modified: head/share/man/man9/epoch.9
--- head/share/man/man9/epoch.9 Fri May 18 04:13:58 2018        (r333780)
+++ head/share/man/man9/epoch.9 Fri May 18 04:13:58 2018        (r333781)
@@ -45,14 +45,20 @@
 .In sys/proc.h
 .In sys/epoch.h
 .Ft epoch_t
-.Fn epoch_alloc "void"
+.Fn epoch_alloc "int flags"
 .Ft void
 .Fn epoch_enter "epoch_t epoch"
 .Ft void
+.Fn epoch_enter_critical "epoch_t epoch"
+.Ft void
 .Fn epoch_exit "epoch_t epoch"
 .Ft void
+.Fn epoch_exit_critical "epoch_t epoch"
+.Ft void
 .Fn epoch_wait "epoch_t epoch"
 .Ft void
+.Fn epoch_wait_critical "epoch_t epoch"
+.Ft void
 .Fn epoch_call "epoch_t epoch" "epoch_context_t ctx" "void (*callback) 
 .Ft int
 .Fn in_epoch "void"
@@ -66,14 +72,24 @@ Epochs are allocated with
 .Fn epoch_alloc
 and freed with
 .Fn epoch_free .
+The flags passed to epoch_alloc determine whether preemption is
+allowed during a section (the default) or not, as specified by
 Threads indicate the start of an epoch critical section by calling
 .Fn epoch_enter .
 The end of a critical section is indicated by calling
 .Fn epoch_exit .
+The _critical variants can be used around code in which it is safe
+to have preemption disable.
 A thread can wait until a grace period has elapsed
 since any threads have entered
 the epoch by calling
 .Fn epoch_wait .
+The use of a EPOCH_CRITICAL epoch type allows one to use
+.Fn epoch_wait_critical
+which is guaranteed to have much shorter completion times since
+we know that none of the threads in an epoch section will be preempted
+before completing its section.
 If the thread can't sleep or is otherwise in a performance sensitive
 path it can ensure that a grace period has elapsed by calling
 .Fn epoch_call
@@ -106,8 +122,12 @@ Async free example:
 Thread 1:
 .Bd -literal
+in_pcbladdr(struct inpcb *inp, struct in_addr *faddr, struct in_laddr *laddr,
+    struct ucred *cred)
-    epoch_enter(net_epoch);
+   /* ... */
+   epoch_enter(net_epoch);
     CK_STAILQ_FOREACH(ifa, &ifp->if_addrhead, ifa_link) {
         sa = ifa->ifa_addr;
        if (sa->sa_family != AF_INET)
@@ -119,6 +139,7 @@ Thread 1:
+   /* ... */
 Thread 2:
@@ -131,12 +152,13 @@ ifa_free(struct ifaddr *ifa)
         epoch_call(net_epoch, &ifa->ifa_epoch_ctx, ifa_destroy);
+if_purgeaddrs(struct ifnet *ifp)
+    /* .... */ 
     CK_STAILQ_REMOVE(&ifp->if_addrhead, ifa, ifaddr, ifa_link);
-    /* mark as unlinked */
-    ifa->ifa_addr->sa_family = AF_UNSPEC;
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