Author: emaste
Date: Thu Aug 15 17:32:39 2019
New Revision: 351092

  stand: remove CLANG_NO_IAS from cdboot
  Many components under stand/ had CLANG_NO_IAS added when Clang's
  Integrated Assembler (IAS) did not handle .codeNN directives.  Clang
  gained support quite some time ago, and we can now build stand/ with
  IAS.  In most cases IAS- and GNU as-assembled boot components were
  identical, and CLANG_NO_IAS was already removed from other components.
  Clang IAS produces different output for some components, including
  cdboot, so CLANG_NO_IAS was not previously removed for those.
  In the case of cdboot the difference is that IAS adds a size override
  prefix (67h) to many instructions to specify a 32-bit address, even
  though the two high bytes are zero.  This wastes three bytes per
  instance, but as cdboot is not size-constrained it doesn't matter.
  Padding is also different in one case; Clang used two one-byte nops
  while GNU as used a single two-byte xchg %eax, %eax.  In any case, there
  is no functional change.
  Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation


Modified: head/stand/i386/cdboot/Makefile
--- head/stand/i386/cdboot/Makefile     Thu Aug 15 17:31:11 2019        
+++ head/stand/i386/cdboot/Makefile     Thu Aug 15 17:32:39 2019        
@@ -14,6 +14,3 @@ ORG=  0x7c00
 .include <>
-# XXX: clang integrated-as doesn't grok .codeNN directives yet
-CFLAGS.cdboot.S=       ${CLANG_NO_IAS}
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