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> Date: 2016-10-14, Friday at 10:27
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> Subject: Re: svn commit: r307326 - head/sys/boot/efi/loader
> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 11:16:02AM -0600, Warner Losh wrote:
> | Love the functionality, but don't like using the 'hint' namespace for
> | this. Can we change it now before too many things depend on it? We had
> | similar issues in ACPI and moved it to the 'acpi' space. Can we move
> | this to the 'smbios' space please?
> | 
> | The reason is that 'hint' is special and sometimes filtered out, so it
> | is a poor choice to export data from the boot loader to the kernel.
> The reason I picked hint was it could be put /boot/device.hints
> to make it work as well and that it was a hint.  Other standards in the
> future might use other methods.  Looking back over the email I had
> with John he had suggested hint.smbios.0.anchor to make this look
> different.  This code had been hanging around for so long I forgot
> about that and we were using hint.smbios.0.mem in our shipping code base.
> However, I hope that nothing would use this except for smbios(4) and
> for people to make smbios(4) useful for this info.

Doug's looking at me when he says that. :-)

We talked about this last night at BAFUG; right now, even if smbios(4) is able 
to find the SMBIOS info -- it currently only looks at the aforementioned 
0xf0000 - 0xfffff range, so it can't find it on UEFI -- smbios(4) doesn't 
actually provide any interface for that information. Doug and I have talked 
about making smbios(4) useful, by parsing the data and providing KPIs and APIs, 
for years now; I think I'll *finally* have the time and motivation to do so 

-Ravi (rpokala@)

> Thanks,
> Doug A.

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