Author: ian
Date: Tue Aug  8 22:58:34 2017
New Revision: 322282

  Remove the ds133x and s35390a i2c RTC drivers for now.  They both do i2c
  transfers in their probe() or attach() routines, and that doesn't work
  when the low-level controller requires interrupts to be functional.
  The DS133x family of chips is nearly identical to the DS1307 and support
  for them should be added to that driver, then the ds133x driver can be
  deleted.  The s35390a driver just needs a non-trivial workover.  In both
  cases that work will be done and committed separately.


Modified: head/sys/arm/conf/GENERIC
--- head/sys/arm/conf/GENERIC   Tue Aug  8 22:40:26 2017        (r322281)
+++ head/sys/arm/conf/GENERIC   Tue Aug  8 22:58:34 2017        (r322282)
@@ -139,11 +139,9 @@ device             twl_clks                # twl external 
 # i2c RTCs
 device         ds1307                  # Dallas DS1307 RTC and compatible
-device         ds133x                  # Dallas DS1337, DS1338 and DS1339 RTC
 device         ds1672                  # Dallas DS1672 RTC
 device         ds3231                  # Dallas DS3231 RTC + temperature
 device         nxprtc                  # NXP RTCs: PCA/PFC212x PCA/PCF85xx
-device         s35390a                 # Seiko Instruments S-35390A RTC
 device         gpio
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