Author: kevans
Date: Mon Feb 19 17:09:29 2018
New Revision: 329592

  stand/lua: Remove inaccurate comment after r329590
  lualoader does a pretty good job of reverting any environment changes now.
  It will even wipe out boot_verbose if it's set explicitly in loader.conf(5)
  and overwritten in the boot options menu.
  Future work will likely change this, as explicit choices made in the menu
  should probably override the new loader.conf(5). I don't suspect this will
  cause much grief, though, so it is not a high priority until boot
  environment support actually lands.


Modified: head/stand/lua/config.lua
--- head/stand/lua/config.lua   Mon Feb 19 17:03:50 2018        (r329591)
+++ head/stand/lua/config.lua   Mon Feb 19 17:09:29 2018        (r329592)
@@ -402,8 +402,6 @@ end
 -- Reload configuration
 function config.reload(file)
-       -- XXX TODO: We should be doing something more here to clear out env
-       -- changes that rode in with the last configuration load
        modules = {};
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