On Mon, 2018-02-19 at 22:29 +0000, Kyle Evans wrote:
> +                       -- Swap the first two menu entries
> +                       menu_entries[1], menu_entries[2] = menu_entries[2],
> +                           menu_entries[1];

IMO, this is the sort of unreadable insanity that comes from having
inflexible rules about line-wrapping which trump readability.  The
original code could be easily understood.  The suggested replacement, 

    menu_entries[1], menu_entries[2] =
        menu_entries[2], menu_entries[1]

Was also pretty readable, although not as much as it would be if it
were all on one line.  But splitting the line at the whitespace nearest
to 80 columns just creates an unreadable mess for the insignificant
virtue of following some arbitrary rule.  (Which is why I very often
ignore that rule and split lines at the point < 80 which makes the most
sense for understanding the code, even if that means splitting at
column 30.)

-- Ian

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