Author: kevans
Date: Tue Feb 20 02:03:29 2018
New Revision: 329614

  stand/lua: Don't set ACPI off just because we can't detect it.
  This should unbreak EFI/!i386 cases.
  Reported by:  Peter Lei <>


Modified: head/stand/lua/core.lua
--- head/stand/lua/core.lua     Tue Feb 20 00:34:42 2018        (r329613)
+++ head/stand/lua/core.lua     Tue Feb 20 02:03:29 2018        (r329614)
@@ -230,5 +230,11 @@ function core.shallowCopyTable(tbl)
        return new_tbl;
+-- On i386, hint.acpi.0.rsdp will be set before we're loaded. On !i386, it will
+-- generally be set upon execution of the kernel. Because of this, we can't (or
+-- don't really want to) detect/disable ACPI on !i386 reliably. Just set it
+-- enabled if we detect it and leave well enough alone if we don't.
+if (core.getACPIPresent(false)) then
+       core.setACPI(true);
 return core;
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