Author: cem
Date: Sat Feb 24 01:58:53 2018
New Revision: 329892

  libsa: Change write(2)-alike prototype to match definition
  Broken in r329879.
  Apparently old GCC detects this, but modern GCC didn't.  Mea culpa.
  Reported by:  np
  Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon


Modified: head/stand/libsa/stand.h
--- head/stand/libsa/stand.h    Sat Feb 24 01:46:56 2018        (r329891)
+++ head/stand/libsa/stand.h    Sat Feb 24 01:58:53 2018        (r329892)
@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ extern int  open(const char *, int);
 extern int     close(int);
 extern void    closeall(void);
 extern ssize_t read(int, void *, size_t);
-extern ssize_t write(int, void *, size_t);
+extern ssize_t write(int, const void *, size_t);
 extern struct  dirent *readdirfd(int);
 extern void    srandom(unsigned int);
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