Author: kevans
Date: Wed Mar  7 17:18:46 2018
New Revision: 330612

  stand/ficl: Fix testmain
  testmain is a userland application intended to be built with standard
  headers and whatnot, which we broke.
  Fix it by having the testmain build clobber cflags, reducing it to just the
  set of defines/includes it needs to build.
  Discussed with:       imp
  MFC after:    3 days


Modified: head/stand/ficl/Makefile
--- head/stand/ficl/Makefile    Wed Mar  7 17:16:41 2018        (r330611)
+++ head/stand/ficl/Makefile    Wed Mar  7 17:18:46 2018        (r330612)
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ SRCS=         ${BASE_SRCS} sysdep.c softcore.c
 CLEANFILES+=   softcore.c testmain testmain.o
 .ifmake testmain
 SRCS+=         testmain.c
 PROG=          testmain
 .include <>
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