Author: gonzo
Date: Thu Apr 12 17:05:27 2018
New Revision: 332439

  Fix quotes in the example code in syslog(3) BUGS section
  mdoc treats verbatim quotes in .Dl as a string delimiter and does
  not pass them to the rendered output. Use special char \*q to specify
  double quote
  PR:           216755
  MFC after:    3 days


Modified: head/lib/libc/gen/syslog.3
--- head/lib/libc/gen/syslog.3  Thu Apr 12 17:00:36 2018        (r332438)
+++ head/lib/libc/gen/syslog.3  Thu Apr 12 17:05:27 2018        (r332439)
@@ -295,4 +295,4 @@ for later interpolation by
 Always use the proper secure idiom:
-.Dl syslog(priority, "%s", string);
+.Dl syslog(priority, \*q%s\*q, string);
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