Julian Elischer wrote:
>On 16/4/18 6:56 pm, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
[stuff snipped]
>>> +                    ngroups = XU_NGROUPS + 1;
>> Why XU_NGROUPS and not the value of sysctl("kern.ngroups") ?
>valid question.. because that is how many are allocated?
>it was a "minimally invasive patch".. whoever used XU_NGROUPS before
>should have fixed it.
>Having said that, thanks for drawing out attention to it.. will
>probably fix.
16 is the limit specified in the RFCs for Sun RPC, so that is the "on the wire"
I haven't looked at the code. It might make sense to handle more here and then
set the limit at 16 after getting rid of duplicates, but I have no idea if it 

[more stuff snipped]

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