I wrote:
>Julian Elischer wrote:
>>On 16/4/18 6:56 pm, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
>[stuff snipped]
>>>> +                    ngroups =3D XU_NGROUPS + 1;
>>> Why XU_NGROUPS and not the value of sysctl("kern.ngroups") ?
>>valid question.. because that is how many are allocated?
>>it was a "minimally invasive patch".. whoever used XU_NGROUPS before
>>should have fixed it.
>>Having said that, thanks for drawing out attention to it.. will
>>probably fix.
>16 is the limit specified in the RFCs for Sun RPC, so that is the "on the 
>wire" limit.
>I haven't looked at the code. It might make sense to handle more here and then
>set the limit at 16 after getting rid of duplicates, but I have no idea if =
>it matters?
Correcting my own post. Now that I've looked at the code, this doesn't go on
the wire. It does go in the exports structure, which means that this structure
would have to be revised (along with the syscall and VOP calls and the kernel
code that uses it). These credentials are for the "maproot/mapall" export
option and revising the export structure seems like quite a bit of work for this
case. (Until revised XU_NGROUPS is the correct value to set it to, since there
is a "struct xucred" in the exports structure.)

Since Julian Elischer has been emailing me about adding a "fsid" export option
which allows /etc/exports to set the FSID of the exported fs (which would also
need to go in the exports structure), it might be about time to rev. the exports

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