I am fairly new to swagger UI and having a problem using it.

Everything works find except when I try to do this.


I tried every possible input for the hashtags list but nothing works with 
the following error.

{ "timestamp": 1474206473958, "status": 400, "error": "Bad Request", "
exception": "org.springframework.validation.BindException", "errors": [ { "
codes": [ "typeMismatch.postCreationRequest.hashtags", 
"typeMismatch.hashtags", "typeMismatch.java.util.List", "typeMismatch" ], "
arguments": [ { "codes": [ "postCreationRequest.hashtags", "hashtags" ], "
arguments": null, "defaultMessage": "hashtags", "code": "hashtags" } ], "
defaultMessage": "Failed to convert property value of type 
[java.lang.String[]] to required type [java.util.List] for property 
'hashtags'; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot 
convert value of type [java.lang.String] to required type [java.util.Map] 
for property 'hashtags[0]': no matching editors or conversion strategy 
found", "objectName": "postCreationRequest", "field": "hashtags", "
rejectedValue": "tag,tag,tag", "bindingFailure": true, "code": 
"typeMismatch" } ], "message": "Validation failed for 
object='postCreationRequest'. Error count: 1", "path": "/createOfficialPost" 

If I do not provide anything is the hashtags field, everything works fine.

the model schema looks like this
{ "date": "string", "hashtags": [ {} ], "id": 0, "image": { "id": 0, "s3_key": 
"string", "url": "string" }, "landmark": "string", "lat": 0, "likes": 0, "
lng": 0, "message": "string", "official": true, "privacy": true, "
radius_in_km": 0, "username": "string" } 

In what way should I write there to make it work? 

This is my API endpoint:
        public Post submit(HttpServletRequest request,
@ModelAttribute Post post,
@RequestPart("image") MultipartFile image) {

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