I normally wouldn't post something commercial in this forum, but it seems 
to me like this could be very useful information for Swagger users. I offer 
a series of inexpensive online courses on how to document APIs. If you are 
using Swagger, you know how to create automatically-generated 
documentation, but do you know the best practices of what to write in those 

You can take these courses at your own pace on any device. They are a 
combination of videos and hands-on exercises for learning how to write 

I would find it extremely valuable for Swagger users to try them out and 
give me feedback, so I am offering significant discounts on all of the 
courses. Use these links to get the discount.

   - *API Documentation 1: JSON and XML.* $14 (regularly $25). 
   - *API Documentation 2: REST. *$24 (regularly $40). 
   - *API Documentation 3: The Art of API Documentation. *$19 (regularly 


P.S. If you are not a programmer, you might be interested in my latest 

   - *Coding for Writers 1: Basic Programming. * $29 (regularly $45). 

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