Hello community,

I will start with the example of I want to simulate.
Go to: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.5/#!/api

Below the Tree View for the API documentation, there is a *"Show private 
classes"* checkbox. By default they only show the API of the classes you 
will use, but for your convenience, they offer the option to see the 
internal classes (which are not recommended to use), you just have to check 
"Show private classes". 

So, in my company we are using older versions of Swagger, and we want to 
upgrade to newest versions. We have a similar situation with EXTjs. We have 
a REST API, and we documented all our routes for the convenience of our 
clients, and developers. But now we would like to differentiate between 
internal routes used by our developers, and the external routes used by our 

I have read most of Swagger's documentation, and I realized that I will 
have to implement it by myself.

*My first approach was*:
1) Added a custom field to the Swagger "x-internal" which can hold a 
2) I would customize Swagger-UI to get that API, read the "x-internal" 
field, and finally just display what the user wants to see.

*My problem is:*
I noticed that Swagger-UI depends on SwaggerClient, which is doing the hard 
work. SwaggerClient is not consuming the "x-internal" field, and it strip 
it away.

*So!* I am here to see if someone has done something similar to this, 
and/or if they have a better approach.  I am guessing that I will have to 
customize first Swagger-js, and then customize Swagger-UI.
I think I understand quite well (or at least partially well) Swagger-UI, 
but now I will have to understand the source code of Swagger-js, so it will 
be of great help if you guys could give me hits of where I need to do the 

Thank you all!

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