I'm trying to get Swagger to recognize the type returned by my 
Action/Method in my C# Web Api. I've coded my method like this:

    [ResponseType("200", typeof(List<MyCustomType>)), ResponseType("500", 
    public async Task<IHttpActionResult> GetMyCustomsAsync()
        var myList = Mapper.Map<List<MyCustomType>>(await _myService.
        foreach (var thisItem in myList)
            thisItem.Children = Mapper.Map<IList<CustomChildType>>(await 

        return Ok(myList);

Swagger returns this:

Response Class (Status 200)
Inline Model [
 Inline Model 1
]Inline Model 1 {
 children (Array[CustomChildType], optional)
}CustomChildType {
 childId (integer),
 name (string, optional)

I've tried IList instead of List, but receive the same result.

Am I defining the list incorrectly? How can I get it to report the correct 

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