We're registering Swagger in global.asax like this:

        protected void Application_Start()
            // Route any 'Swagger' calls to the swagger api
            RouteTable.Routes.MapOwinPath("swagger", app =>
                app.UseSwaggerUi(typeof(WebApiApplication).Assembly, new 
                    MiddlewareBasePath = "/swagger"


We've set up web.config like this:

      <!-- Some other values -->
      <add name="SwaggerIndex" path="swagger/index.html" verb="*" 
type="NSwag.AspNet.Owin.SwaggerUiIndexMiddleware" />
      <add name="SwaggerGenerator" path="swagger/v1/swagger.json" verb="*" 
type="NSwag.AspNet.Owin.SwaggerMiddleware" />
      <add name="SwaggerRedirect" path="swagger" verb="*" 
type="NSwag.AspNet.Owin.RedirectMiddleware" />

We're referencing Owin and NSwag.

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 12:32:32 PM UTC-4, tony tam wrote:
> I’m guessing from your sample, that the swagger definition is 
> automatically extracted from your code, and that code looks like C#.  What 
> library are you using?

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