I've seen a lot of talk on github issues regarding swagger's lack of 
support for oneOf and anyOf. Setting aside the merits of the arguments over 
there, I'm looking for a practical solution to the problem of a response 
object (or any object, really) that has a property that can be EITHER 
another object, or null.  This is a real-world problem for my project: 
complex objects reference other objects, but in some cases, the referenced 
object is NULL, i.e, some parent objects do not point to a child and null 
is the appropriate value in these cases.

I'm surprised the spec doesn't handle this readily.  There is x-nullable, 
provided by some consumers of the spec, but that does not work in 
conjunction with $ref, where the reference replaces the object wholesale, 
leaving the x-nullable setting ignored.

I think I asked the question well over on stackoverflow, maybe someone here 
can earn some points over there:


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