Hi I was trying to import swagger in Dev Portal but in our payload we have 
multiple attribute with same name:

 "faultCharacteristics": [{
                       "type": "TroubleCode",
                       "value": "ULL"
                       "type": "Workable",
                       "value": "No"
                       "type": "AssociateOutage",
                       "value": "No"

As of now when we import the swagger in Smart Doc of Dev Portal, it is 
having only one attribute pair :

    type: object
        type: string
        default: TroubleCode
        description: >-
          Used to identify the problem faced by the service. Possible values
          TroubleCode, Workable, AssociateOutage, ACVoltage, OpenIn,
          ServiceNeverWorked, RequestedTask, DiagnosticTestId.
        type: string
        default: ULL
        description: >-
          'Value of the identified parameter. Possible values are based on the
          type. TroubleCode NSY 'Workable :  Yes/No' 'AssociateOutage: Yes/No'
          'ACVoltage: Yes/No' 'OpenIn: Yes/No' 'ServiceNeverWorked: Yes/No'
          'RequestedTask: Appointment/Commitment/Tester' 'DiagnosticTestId:
          107828' 'Trouble Code listed is example code only.
          com/content/trouble-ticket-api-supporting-materials#TW Create Input

   - Is there any way we can include more type and value pair as you can 
   see in above we have only one pair.
   - when we are tying to import other pair we are getting as "*Duplicate 
   Key error" in swagger online editor*

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