Hi ! Did you find an answer ? I would be really interested. I am facing the 
same problem..

Le samedi 8 avril 2017 17:57:11 UTC+2, N9209N a écrit :
> We are using swagger-maven-plugin v3.1.2 for generating the swagger for 
> our Spring based REST API. We have the below Model structure across 
> different modules in our project.
> Module 1 contains - B & C
> Module 2 contains - D & E
> Module 3 contains - A
> C extends B extends A
> E extends D extends A
> The API response - class X has the class A as a property. We are expecting 
> the generated swagger to contain the references to all the sub types of A 
> i.e.. B, C, D & E. But this is not happening currently and we just see the 
> reference definition for A in the swagger.
> Can anyone please guide on how we can achieve the Reference Definitions to 
> be included in the generated swagger ? An example of the solution can help 
> us a lot.
> Thanks in advance.

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