Hi, Currently I am using swagger annotations on my rest endpoints. I wanted 
to update to use the openapi annotations. 

So I updated from 
    @ApiOperation(value = "Get user templates by template id",
            notes = "",
            response = Response.class)
    @ApiResponses(value = {
            @ApiResponse(code = 500, message = "Internal Server Error"),
            @ApiResponse(code = 400, message = "Bad request"),
            @ApiResponse(code = 401, message = "Unauthorized")})
@ApiParam(value = "Template id", required = true)
    @Operation(summary = "Get user templates by template id",
            responses = {
content = @Content(mediaType = "application/json",
schema = @Schema(implementation = Response.class))),
  @ApiResponse(responseCode = "500", description = "Internal Server Error"),
                    @ApiResponse(responseCode = "400", description = "Bad 
  @ApiResponse(responseCode = "401", description = "Unauthorized")
 @Parameter(description = "Template id", required = true)

Updated version from 1.5.7 to 2.0.0-rc2
-            <version>1.5.7</version>
+            <version>2.0.0-rc2</version>

I am using maven to generate the swagger.json

This generates a swagger.json file, but when importing that into 
swaggerhub, it says it is Swagger 2.0

I then tried to use 

This also generates a swagger.json, but there is only basic information. 

So I am confused about how do I get openapi 3.0 documentation generated.? 

Thanks :) 

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