I'm having some issues with swagger including lots and lots of java classes 
in the components/schema part. I modified the example project 
swagger-jersey2-resourceinit-sample-app slightly, adding the following to 

public class UserResource {


  public Dummy getDummy() {
     return null;

  public static class Dummy {
     public String str;


and when accessing openapi.json, I get the following back:


      "Dummy" : {

        "type" : "object",

        "properties" : {

          "str" : {

            "type" : "string"





Is there a reason why 'getDummy' isn't simply ignored? The method itself 
isn't mentioned in the generated JSON, but the method is parsed, and the 
return type is thus included in the components.

In my case, there's lots of internal methods in my resource classes, and 
*tons* of internal and library classes are getting parsed, causing the 
openapi.json generation to take a *very* long time (I've never let it 

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