Proven workaround created:

Solved days of manual rework, but would still appreciate an upgrade to the 
online generator, if time permits.
Hope this helps some other poor schlub who cannot DL maven dependencies at 

Performed a post online generator transform using regex against the Swagger 
API classes, based on PR 6119 
<> lines 206 and 
234 of the C# api.mustache found here:

Powershell regex transform as follows:

$targetfiles = gci $sourcedirectory;

foreach ($targetfile in $targetfiles)

$filecontent = gc $Targetfile.fullname;

$result = @();
$resultII = @();

$qparamcall = [regex] 

foreach ($line in $filecontent)
$result += $qparamcall.Replace($line, 
"${basename}", ${basename}));');

$qparamdef = [regex] 

foreach ($line in $result)
$resultII += $qparamdef.Replace($line, '${spa}var localVarQueryParams = new 
List<KeyValuePair<String, String>>();');

$resultII | Out-File (".\output\API\{0}" -f $ -Force;


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