Swagger-core v1.5.18

compile 'io.springfox:springfox-swagger2:2.8.0'
compile 'io.swagger:swagger-core:1.5.18'
compile 'io.swagger:swagger-annotations:1.5.18'
compile 'io.swagger:swagger-models:1.5.18'
compile 'io.springfox:springfox-swagger-ui:2.8.0'

I want to be able to add constraints to ensure that elements of a List are 
of a certain String length and of a particular pattern such as 

My original class is as follows:

private class MyRequest {
    private List<@Size(max = 10) @Pattern("^myPattern$") String> foo;

However, when checking the generated Swagger JSON, i was *expecting*... 

type: array
  type: string
  minLength: 10
  pattern: ^myPattern$ 

but the items array only contained a type property

type: array
  type: string

Is this possible and if so, how i can achieve this?

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