New commits:
commit 130b744190c251ba91398ca20645c36809523fae
Author: Paul Wouters <>
Date:   Mon Oct 17 16:39:58 2016 -0400

    IKEv1: some IKE SA failure on the initiator would lead to hanging state
    This initiator getting STF_FAIL in its state would have its event removed,
    and would never do anything anymore. It would not retransmit or timeout.
    Errors with STF_FATAL were not affected.
    As a side-effect, the whack would also not be released and the ipsec
    auto --up command would hang.
    This could be seen in various test cases, including ikev1-impair-gx-02
    and nss-cert-10-notyetvalid-responder as it caused the test to timeout.

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