New commits:
commit 93db1da7cabe78b70c1fa88213c7a92cc23c60f0
Author: Andrew Cagney <>
Date:   Sat Sep 7 22:11:14 2019 -0400

    x509 logging: in jam_id_escaped()/str_id() sanitize using jam_*_bytes()
    That is, sanitize the data as it gets added to the buffer, and not as
    a second pass.
    This changes (arguably fixes) the output of ID shell variables:
    - unprintables are emitted as \ooo (instead of '?') (so scripts can
      recover the actual characters)
    - meta-characters are emitted as \ooo (for instance, \t is emitted as
      \011 instead of \0311, don't ask)
    Follows on from 7a0f392be772bec73a05d67f1ca5d9d338ec8fa8 which added
    Also follow on from 60956ab1eb15e13ab69aa8e010187ea653cdf4ef which
    eliminated most of the idtoa() calls.  What to do with the remaining
    idtoa() is an open question - currently it still emits '?' for

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