On Fri, 2 Feb 2018, Andrew Cagney wrote:

- early stop?
 testing/pluto/klips-netkey-pluto-06 failed east:output-different

if final.sh runs a status or trafficstatus and also shuts down pluto for
a leak report, there is a race between nodes. If one shuts down fast,
the other won't see the proper status because it will have processed the
deletes from the other peer's shutdown. The rule is to not have status
and shutdown in final.sh.

This one is a no win.  We've too often missed core dumps because pluto
wasn't being shutdown.

What about wrapping the inconsistent output in --cut-- --tuc--?

I'd say the best fix would be to have a flag that would shutdown pluto
after all ends have send their "done" for the final.sh. Then only grab
the shutdown leaks/cores.

But it would have to be a flag, because often we run a test case, so we
can login to the hosts and look at the state manually, so we wouldn't
want pluto to be shutdown in those cases.

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