On Thu, 1 Dec 2016, Кузнецов Константин wrote:

Sorry, forget to mention that transport mode is using.

      Hi! I have a Centos 6 and i REALLY NEED to make AH+ESP on 

      Is there any way to do it? I m trying to make 2 conf files one fpr ah and 
one for esp and in this way only AH works, if i delete
      ah.conf, then esp conf works perfectly. But both AH and ESP does not work.

If you provide two configurations with the only difference being
type=esp versus type=ah, then you are creating two conflicting
configurations and the result is undefined.

People often mistakenly think they need AH+ESP. Libreswan does not
support ESP without authentication, so it is always authenticated
but it is not via AH+ESP. Only some very old racoon daemons are
still known to use AH+ESP.

So the important question is, are you really really sure you mean

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