"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> Sorry, I forgot to include my other question in my last post.  Most
> (but not all) classic video game collectors are trying to get as
> complete a collection as possible for each console they own.  Whether
> that includes cartridge label, box, and manual variations depends on
> the collector.
> I assume you guys have more defined goals that "get it all."  Do you
> collect based on:
> a) Type of game (adventure, driving/racing, interactive fiction, etc.)
> b) Publisher (Activision, EA, Infocom, etc.)
> c) Series (Ultima, Wizardry, Leisure Suit Larry, etc.)
> d) Games you've enjoyed/heard good things about
> e) Other

I collect for all of these reasons.  Some collectors collect f) Rare or
hard-to-find items because of their collectable or "marketplace" value.

Others have been listing a "breakdown" of the above, so here's mine:

a) Racing/Driving is my #1 favorite, with coin-op conversions to the PC my
second favorite genre to collect (I have a complete suite of Atarisoft PC
converstions.  Trivia:  Joust, Battlezone, and Robotron are astonishingly close
to the original games, even on an original 4.7MHz gPC!).

b) Activision, EA, Accolade, Polarware/Pengiun Software, Mindscape, titles
developed by Interplay (multiple publishers), early Origin (no Ultimas though),
and of course Cinemaware.

c) Ancient Art of War series, F-15 Stike Eagle series, Sierra Game Arts series,
"Construction Set" series, Wing Commander series.

d) Anything from my youth.  Any action games that achieve technical wizardry by
running on an original PC *AND* being fast and fun to play.  There's not many
action/racing/3D/etc. games that run well on a 4.77MHz 8088 PC, and those that
do get my respect from a programming/technical standpoint.
> I believe I once read in an article that Hugh wrote that he and/or
> others collect the "album-type" EA packages.  Maybe I should have just
> submitted this as a poll question at MobyGames.

:-)  I also collect all the folder-style packages.  Activision, Mindscape, EA
(of course), and Accolade are the few that I've found in the 8"x8" ratio. 
Other folders I have include Telarium releases, although they aren't square.

I should note that I collect PC titles exclusively, simply because that's what
I'm most familiar with and what MobyGames supports right now.  MobyGames will
open up to all platforms next year; at that point, I might start collecting for
Apple II, Mac (classic), C64, and Amiga, as I have working models of those

I'm not the typical collector, as illustrated by my collecting preferences
(most people collect adventure games, I'd guess).  I am also not a typical
collector in that I have no problem breaking original shrinkwrap if I really
want to play the game and I don't have a cracked version
(or need to refer to the manual, or something).  This revelation makes C. E.
Forman and others shudder, but I'm in it for the nostalgia first and
collectability second.
> And since I mentioned it, do you collect box variations?  How many
> people are on this list, anyway?

I do collect box variations as well, although I don't have very many.  The box
variations I have include Music Construction Set, Tunnels of Armageddon,
Gunship, and F-15 Strike Eagle.  I may have more.

As for the number of people on the list, I'll check when I get off this train.
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