Chris Newman wrote:
> Yes, there was an EGA version of this game released for the PC. Many Accolade
> games of the mid to late 80s were released in two separate versions -- CGA and
> EGA. I don't know if it was a ploy to get gamers to pay for an "upgrade" or if
> Accolade was merely following the consumer installation base (CGA systems far
> outweighing EGA rigs). My guess is the former because it costs nothing to ship the
> EGA version and perform a video card test on bootup and run the correct version.

Well, many CGA+EGA games used seperate graphics files for different graphics
modes, so it would've saved them an additional diskette.  What's more likely is
that they probably didn't do an EGA version until EGA was common in the home
(EGA was 1985, wasn't AoAs 1986?)
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