(Lee wrote this to me personally, but I thought we could all enjoy the reply,
in case anyone wants to collect the Atarisoft PC conversions from 1981-1983):

"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> BTW, I finally tried out that copy of Donkey Kong you pointed me to.
> (Thanks.)  Sadly, even MoSlo can't slow it down enough to be playable.
> (But it does slow it down enough that I can see myself being killed. 8)

It's not particularly good, if that's any consolation.  The Atarisoft
conversions to PC are 100% great or 100% terrible.  Great ones include: 

Dig Dug (perfect except for color issues)
Joust (perfect!)
Robotron (perfect except color)
Battlezone (perfect except sound)
Galaxian (perfect!)

When I say great, I mean GREAT.  Playing Atarisoft PC Robotron on a 4.77MHz
machine, for example, has indistinguishable gameplay from the original (the
graphics are less colorful, though).  You can even use two joysticks for
control and firing, just like the arcade.  It's especially more amazing when
you realize that the PC didn't get dedicated sprite hardware until only
recently, whereas the Atari, C64, etc. all had dedicated sprites back then.

Good ones include:

Defender (slight control scheme issues)
Stargate (slight control scheme issues)
Ms. Pac Man (4:3 maze aspect ratio)

Bad Atarisoft conversions include:

Pac Man (4:3 aspect ratio and *extremely* poor control scheme)
Donkey Kong (poor control, poor graphics)

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