..we made an offer on a new house and they accepted!  So today begins
the first day of packing ALL of my stuff into boxes and putting it into
storage, since we have to put our house on the market on *Tuesday* (we
have 6 weeks to sell the house or we're screwed).  This is probably the
last email message I'll be able to send/reply from home, since even my
computer is going into storage.  (I'll still be able to do email on the
train rides to/from work, however, so I'll still have some daily contact
with all things electronica.)

The new house is going to be our last move for good:  4 bedrooms,
screened-in porch, deck, finished basement, and roof balcony are the
best things about it.  Maybe the best thing about it is that we're not
so much "moving" as we are "transferring our posessions down the
street":  The new house is about 7 blocks from our current house on the
same street!  Sam is in a good school system, and he won't have to
change because of this move, thank goodness.  I should still be able to
get DSL, however I will most likely take a speed penalty (down to
384Kbps) or have to settle for IDSL (160kbps).  And of *course* the
finished basement is mine to corrupt with all my computer crud.  I can
finally stop wearing headphones; I can't make much noise in our current
house because the walls are paper-thin and I'd wake up the kids, but I
did a quick sound test in the new house and it was fine.

So, my apologies to all the projects I have going right now, but I will
be present only in spirit for the next 6-8 weeks while I sell my current
house and transfer my stuff into the new one.  (All except MobyGames: 
I'm committed to approve entries every night, since they're starting to
ramp up and get going again).

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